The next Afterpay Day sale is 14th to 17th March with another one to follow in August.

Yes, Tamburlaine Organic Wines will be participating in Afterpay Day 2024. We had record-breaking amounts of wine fly out the doors last year and we plan to provide our customers with even more fantastic wine deals this coming year.

At Tamburlaine, we don’t do mediocre sales so you will be getting a generous offer on our genuinely good Australian wines as always. However, due to sale regulations, we are unable to announce the sale until closer to date. We highly recommend signing up for emails using the form above or registering for a Free First Press Membership account to receive early email updates. Stock will run out fast, if last year was anything to go by!

Afterpay Day is a shopping event that occurs twice a year – once in March and once in August and is organised by Afterpay, the buy-now-pay-later finance company. Their service allows shoppers to pay for their purchases in instalments for budgeting purposes and they organise this sale in partnership with sellers who have adopted Afterpay as a payment option.

You do not have to use Afterpay to make your purchases - any payment method you see at checkout is okay to use, such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express or even that stash of Organic Rewards Points you might have banked up.