What does it mean when a wine is dry? How sweet is sweet?

Dry wines are those with less than 7 grams per Litre of RS (residual sugars) after fermentation. These sugars are the natural fruit sugars occurring in grapes as it is not permitted to add other sugar to wine in Australia.

Wines that are on the dry side will generally have more floral tastes while the sweeter wines will be more on the fruity side, and perception of the sweetness can also be skewed by tart or citrusy notes in a grape variety.

Our award-winning Off-Dry Riesling, at 20g/L RS balances both residual sweetness with bright acidity. It's a very common & popular table wine style in Europe for those who are after something in the middle of dry and sweet.

We've listed many of our white, sparkling and dessert wines in order of sweetness as a guide below. Feel free to mention them at our cellar doors to try, or grab them from our online store today.

Dry vs Sweet Wines Tamburlaine