Dry January: A New Year’s Resolution for Sensible Alcohol Consumption

Here at Tamburlaine Organic Wines, we support making good decisions for your health, especially after the feasting and drinking we might partake in throughout the holiday season. One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions each year is Dry January, a month of restricting alcohol consumption. While we fervently applaud those who are able to quit drinking cold-turkey, for those who prefer a more gradual transition or reduced, responsible drinking habits, we have a few tips that might come in handy.

Ways to reduce alcohol consumption in the New Year

  • Portion control - using a smaller glass and pouring a smaller amount - while this seems overly simplistic, there is a real correlation between consumption levels of food or drink and the size of the containing vessel used. (We write this as we sip our coffees from our XXL mugs… Oops!)
  • Cook with your wine - dry red or dry white wines can be used for this. Alcohol has a lower boiling point than water, so cooking with wine is a great way to evaporate alcohol and add a bit of character to your sauces and stews! Please check recipes carefully and observe the volumes required plus cooking times to ensure best results.
  • Clean out your wine stash - check for expiry dates and pour out any unconsumed wine that has been opened for longer than a couple of days as these are no longer good for drinking.
  • Share (responsibly, of course) your wine collection at your next gathering with family and friends or regift them - most wines have a reasonably long shelf life, although our “No added sulphur” wines are better consumed within 1-2 years of purchase.
  • Visit bars and pubs less frequently - other activities such as bowling, fishing, bushwalks, or visiting cinemas could be great alternatives to the habitual meet-ups at your local drinking hole.
  • Leaving wine in harder-to-reach places to discourage regular access. When someone puts cake on the staff room table a similar disappearing phenomenon occurs, so we can confirm hiding your sinful food/drinks away works!
  • Replace your wine with water, juices, sparkling water or our favourite: Jack Squat Non-Alcoholic wine.

What is alcohol-removed wine?

Our alcohol-removed wine is the same exact wine from our vineyards used in regular alcoholic wines - all we do is add an extra step at the end of gently removing the alcohol after the wine is fermented. This ensures that you are getting all the goodness of organic Tamburlaine wine with only trace amounts of alcohol (about as little as a lemon-lime bitters - designated drivers rejoice!).

We’re going to be perfectly transparent here - these beverages do not taste exactly the same as their alcoholic counterparts due to alcohol’s inherent role as a flavour component. However, you delight in the tannins, juiciness and/or tartness of lovingly fermented grape varietals, you’ll certainly find something to like within our Jack Squat series. If you’re curious about the range and don’t know where to start, come on in to our Pokolbin or Millthorpe Cellar Doors and ask to try before you buy. Or if you are too far away to visit at this time, we recommend the Rosé!

Tamburlaine Jack Squat Wine Range

Check out the Jack Squat range today - they are cheaper by the dozen and available in a mixed pack as well.