As harvest draws to an end for another year and our vineyard team breathe a sigh of relief knowing the rest of the work has shifted into the hands of our eager winemakers, we wanted to update you on another shift happening at Tamburlaine.

With new releases, you may notice a slight change to our bottles, most noticeably the addition of a green and grey kangaroo hopping onto the back of the label. 

This is because we’re shifting our Organic Certifier from Australian Certified Organics to Southern Cross Certified (SXC).

What does this mean?

Put simply, all certified organic products in Australia are required to undergo an independent audit. This guarantees consistency for both producers and consumers in ensuring that all appropriate organic requirements and standards are met. Whilst a little more complex, a similar certification is required for exporting organic produce outside of Australia as well. There are a number of certifiers in Australia that offer this independent service but all vary slightly in their approach.  

For the team at Tamburlaine, this shift means simplifying our systems and procedures so we can focus on what we do best. SXC offers an easier application, conversion and certification process than other certifiers, allowing for a faster, simpler and more cost-effective organic certification service. 

Contemporary Organic practices both in the vineyard and winery are at the core of everything we do. Through years of research and development we’ve honed our practices to become one of the largest producers of organic wines in Australia.

With over 30 years of organic and certification experience, we’re confident switching to SXC will benefit not only our certification processes but offer peace of mind to consumers that the products they purchase are helping to ensure a sustainable future for Australian agriculture.

You can be assured our range of wines will continue to be just as organic, biodynamic and delicious as ever. We’ve had a cracking 2021 harvest and are very excited to unveil our Reserves and No Added Sulphur ranges in the coming months.

If you’re interested in learning more about SXC, check out their website: https://www.sxcertified.com.au/