What is organic wine?

According to Australian Organic, organic wine comes from grapes grown without synthetic chemicals, pesticides or herbicides. Unfortunately, the term ‘organic’ is not currently regulated under Australian law, meaning that anyone growing produce or making a product can claim organic as long as they’re using natural methods or using at least one natural ingredient. The only way to be certain a product is truly organic is if it is certified by an independent body like Australian Certified Organic.
At Tamburlaine, we know organic farming is key to soil health. Our vineyards are not degraded through the constant application of non-biodegradable inputs, retaining natural health and providing longer-term sustainability.
To become certified organic, we had to go through a three-year conversion period. Then we received certified organic status and we have since extended the certification to all our farms in Orange and the Hunter Valley.
To carry the ‘Southern Cross Certified’ logo requires rigorous annual audits to ensure the absence of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and synthetic fertilisers in the production of our wines.


 Organic certification process