We are now Vegan-Friendly!

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Did you know that most wines on the market are made using animal products such as egg, milk and fish derivatives?

Fining is a step in the winemaking process to remove unwanted and harsh or bitter-tasting compounds. These particles which are found in seeds, stalks and skins are extracted to varying degrees during the crushing, fermentation and pressing processes. The traditional industry fining methods involve the use of animal proteins found in gelatine, fish, milk and eggs.

Like everything we do, our progress in producing vegan-friendly wines is really about our pursuit of organic wine excellence – and bringing better wines to conscious consumers. We now proudly offer vegan cheese and wine tastings at our Cellar Door, our plant-based staff and visitors couldn’t be happier!

“Now that a new generation of vegetable-based fining agents are available and have been fully tested by our winemaking team on premium reds and whites, we are confident that they are not only doing the job as well as the traditional products but are producing much better results overall.” – Mark Davidson, Chief Winemaker.