Herding Cats Gin - Juiced-up Gin Junkie 700ml

Herding Cats Gin - Juiced-up Gin Junkie 700ml

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Sauvignon Blanc infused Gin - 700mL

House made in small batches, this gin is made with wine spirits from our own organic wines and brought to bottling strength by the addition of unfermented Sauvignon Blanc juice. This sweet and fruity gin has notes of passionfruit and ginger.

Alcohol | 30%

This gin is vegan friendly.

Cocktail Suggestion:

Juicy Kit-tea:

Naugh-tea yet nice, fruity and fun. A must-try!

- 80mL Juiced Up Gin Junkie over ice in a glass

- Top up with peach iced tea to taste

- Garnish with some mint and enjoy!

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Our Passion behind what we do

Tamburlaine Organic Wine's journey to 'Contemporary Organics' began in the late '90s and continues today. We believe in continuously improving our practices in vineyards and wineries not just for the sake of fashion, but because it makes sense. Established in 1966, Tamburlaine was purchased in 1985 by a small group led by Managing Director and Chief Winemaker, Mark Davidson. With a long-term view, Tamburlaine has built a unique winemaking philosophy based on modern scientific thinking and a holistic approach to grape growing and winemaking practices. Despite challenges, Tamburlaine has emerged as one of Australia's leading organic producers.

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Tamburlaine Organic Wine has experienced incredible transformation in its vineyards in the Hunter and Orange Regions of NSW through the implementation of contemporary organic thinking. The health of the soils and vines has improved, resulting in consistently high-quality fruit. With a vineyard expansion to approximately 450 hectares and an annual production of around 200,000 cases, Tamburlaine has become a significant player in the wine industry. The high altitude, cool climate conditions, and volcanic soils in Orange have solidified its position as one of Australia's top premium wine regions. The integration of biodynamic methods into their organic management has been shown to enhance soil health, which is now recognized as a key determinant of superior wine quality.