Around since 1987, and still growing!

It's all about the wine

The Reserve members club was formed in 1987 by Mark Davidson to provide members with access to exclusive small production wines from our premium Hunter Valley vineyards. Today, our Reserve wines remain true to their early debuts, producing only small quantities from our premium Hunter Valley and Orange vineyards. 

Only for

Reserve members

Every year access the first release of Reserve wines before the general public with up to 50% off and shop all wines at member prices

Cellar Reserve cases for up to 3 years and pay in instalments (50% now, 50% over the next two years)

Invitations to exclusive tastings and events such as our members Lunches at the Lodge and winemaker's dinners

2019 Reserve Release

Our 2019 Reserve wines are ready!

We will be releasing them to members throughout July 

If you would like to become a Reserve member and enjoy our best wines at the incredible price of $24/bottle in a dozen, please call us on 02 4998 4200 or email


Commitment to purchase a minimum of one Tasting Dozen (12 bottles) per year.

Purchase a mixed, white or red tasting pack (Reserve wines will be allocated depending on availability at the time of purchase) then your Reserve pack of choice will be released in July. 

Tasting dozen are released every July, but can also be released at a later date upon request.